• 2018 MARCH

    Amber has been reading with children for a quarter of a century (longer, if you count babysitting…), but she became known as the Lightbulb Heart Storylady in Hamilton, Ontario at Epic Books, Donut Monster, and Locke Street Farmers’ Market. She founded Lightbulb Heart to serve as an umbrella for storytelling ventures for all ages, compassionate adult play workshops, and collaborative, devised theatre making with an emphasis on mental health advocacy.

  • 2018 May-July
    The Easybake Roadtrip

    There’s An Easybake Oven Where My Heart Should Be is an in-progress collaborative work that explores how and why we played as children, why we stopped, and the necessity of rediscovering play in order to free our voices and foster emotional well-being. Amber toured the US Midwest and South conducting adult play workshops and having Big Conversations, eventually embedding in Durham, NC to write and develop material with Emily Hill, with additional contributions from Cheryl Chamblee and Sharon Eisner. A Draft 1 workshop performance was given on July 27, 2018 at The Living Arts Collective in Durham, featuring Jessica Flemming, Danielle Chelles, Emily Hill and Amber Wood, with outside eye assistance from Rachel Klem.

  • 2019 May-June
    Mind Play Theatre Festival

    Karaoke Visiting Hour is a memoir monologue about losing and finding one’s voice and value in an unlikely place. Primarily written by Amber in 2019, 2012, and 2008, KVH premiered at the 2019 Mind Play Theatre Festival in Hamilton, ON.

  • 2020 MARCH
    Online Songs and Stories

    With the onset of pandemic and the necessity of closing in-person storytime, Amber pivoted to online, personalized sessions from Ontario, throughout the U.S. and even Morocco. The Lightbulb Heart YouTube channel went live in March and features songs, poems, and stories in the Public Domain.