Tiny Pandemic Gift

A spoken word piece about briefly caring for an infant during pandemic (written for A Shared Table #Storylab),

storylady in pandemic

Artist Soapbox, episode 98: Compassion, Care and Children’s Lit with Amber Wood, the Storylady.

“Would you like to hear a story? How about a song? Enjoy a conversation with Amber Wood about self-care, children’s literature, feelings, breathing and much more (including a song for self-soothing!).”

in a word, bulldog theatre ensemble

Artist Soapbox, episode 68: Lost and Found with the cast of IN A WORD.

“‘When a couple’s child goes missing, words fail and sustain them through their search.’ A conversation with a delightful trio of actors about acting, character development, and working with a script. The entire cast of the Bulldog Ensemble Theatre’s production of IN A WORD — Amber Wood, Matthew Hager, and Thaddaeus Edwards speak honestly about grief, parenting, loss, and compassion… and somehow manage to laugh joyfully throughout.”


A Shared Table: A Creative Lab for Storytelling
A Shared Table’s Creative Lab for Storytelling was sponsored by CCENA – Centre for Community Engaged Narrative Arts. Artists involved: Bernadette Arthur, Eli Farinango @elifarinango, Rafay Ahmad @frethus, Rucha @resilientrucha, Sobia @sobiamahmood1 Amber Wood @lightbulbheart, Sarah Barnhart @mydadandmeeverydayornaments, Patricia Wright.
🌿Filmed and Photographed by @vueloconLosAngeles@jvasquez00
The fruits of our labours can be found on the A Shared Table website.
Miss Rumphius
Story by Barbara Cooney. Conceptualized and directed by Heidi Anderson. Reader: Amber Wood. Dancers: Leah Conder, Del Crawford, Lynette Hauser, Bria Long, Schwaan Rowell. Performed at TRDance, Norfolk, VA May 5, 2018.

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