As a story lady, Amber wood is charming, inviting, and thoroughly invested in children’s literacy. Her passion for books brings children’s stories to life!

K. Dickerson

Amber Wood draws children into stories by making the stories their own. Amber invites them into the illustrations and text with body language and questions and a warmth like the sun. You can feel kindness and empathy in the way that she tells stories – for the characters, and for the little people with wide eyes and ears around her. I want to raise children who can do their own translating of empathy and kindness from story into life and I believe Amber’s storytime does foundational, imperative teaching of this even in the small way that it is.

E. Ardelean

Amber is very nice and reads very well! Her reading is fun and silly. My favorite book when I was 2 was Monkey and Me. I listened to her read that one so many times I had it memorized!

Micha, age 7

Amber’s love of kids and books and kids’ books is the foundation of her greatness as storylady. Add to that her engaging reading, playful spirit, and incredibly insightful selection of books! She has brought stories to life for my daughters for years, and helped to cultivate their love of reading and our passion for a read-aloud family culture. I am grateful for the amazing children’s books she has introduced us to – whether for their illustrations, stories, lessons, emotion, fun, or all of the above. Story time with Amber is our favorite!

M. Jaasma