My guiding principles in this work are calls into community, willful vulnerability, and compassion for self and others. I invite you to redirect me when I inevitably stray!

1. Creating compassionately.

I am so grateful Jules Odendahl-James suggested Kāli Quinn’s I Am Compassionate Creativity. Quinn’s 111 Values are both daily action items and a roadmap. When I’m stuck, I find guidance here.

2. Playing intentionally.

Brian Sutton-Smith’s Play for Life is at times an academic trudge, but there is so much goodness in his writing about the importance of lifelong play in thriving and human growth.

3. Holding Space.

I first heard this phrase in terms of palliative care, but it applies in creative arenas, as well. Allowing others transformative space and reserving judgment allows for deeper possibilities than I imagine going in on my own. Heather Plett describes the process and values well.

4. Giving Voice.

“Look around at the tables you occupy. Ask who is missing and why.”
– Evelyn Myrie (Women’s March, Hamilton, Ontario, January 21, 2017)

I want to make active strides in bringing more people to the storytelling table. When doing solo work, I focus on raising the concerns of the marginalized communities in which I participate.

  • When working collaboratively, I promise to listen to voices that are unlike mine. Analisa Dias and Madeline Sayet’s have created an instructive primer on decentering colonial voice: Decolonizing Theatre series on HowlRound.
  • When choosing picture books, I am committed to finding stories that centre BIPOC characters and sharing them as often as possible so kids who come to the storytime blanket are better prepared to approach differences with curiosity and counter hate with compassion.