In the early stages of easybakeroadtrip planning, I was thinking about creative partners I would want to spend hours in rooms with. One of the best humans I’ve experienced that with is Emily Hill. I emailed her with very limited details because I wasn’t ready to fully articulate the thing yet.

Mar 14, 2018

Hey lady,
You around in July? If yes, can we make stuff? I have an image of an easy bake oven where my heart should be. Knocking around ideas of grown up self-compassion and kid wisdom/creativity for self-soothing.

I knew she would be kind, but I was bowled over by the force of her assurance. Her response was an affirmation of radical I believe in you proportions and a 4 page google doc chockfull of  “it sounds like, looks like, smells like, feels like…” gorgeousness.

Emily said “Yes, and.” Yes, and is the foundation of improv. It’s an incredibly gracious and hospitable and necessary thing to do in life and art. Yes, and says, “I see you and what you have given me, I’m going to build on it, give it back to you, and trust that you have something interesting to give again.” When it’s truthful, it feels like the best kind of dare.

I am simultaneously emboldened by Emily’s affirmation of me as a person and terrified about the actual doing of the thing. Because of her encouragement and feedback from now lots of others, I believe this can actually BE a thing. Listening to people tell you that you are wonderful and that you can be and do whatever you want is hard. Saying “Yes, and” to yourself when you’ve spent decades saying, “hmm….nope?” feels impossible, but it can be done.  Be kind to yourself, human! I dare you!

In related news, I also think I have to learn close up magic…yes…and? Deep breath.

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