A yellow moving truck with the Lightbulb Heart logo on its side moves from left to right on a grey background. Text reads: "Lightbulb Heart is moving to Minnesota!"

The Storylady and the Lending Library are on the move! This time to Saint Paul, Minnesota. I will miss my Hamilton community very much, while also looking forward to this new city and to being with a couple of old friends again.

Text reads: "It has been a joy to share stories in Hamilton and I will miss y'all very much!" 

Inset photo of Amber, a white woman with dark, curly hair. She wears glasses, a blue tee, dark pants, and a wide grin. She sits cross-legged on a red blanket at the farmer's market and is surrounded by picture books.

Special thanks to Locke Street Farmer’s Market, Donut Monster, Epic Books, Dundurn Market, and ROCK Reach Out Centre for providing space for storytimes for kids of all ages in our community!

Text reads: "Lending Library Patrons: You are the best! I wish I could take you with me!" Graphic: A book bearing the Lightbulb Heart logo is being packed into a box.

Lending Library Patrons: it’s been a very sweet ride and I’m so thankful you enjoyed the books as much as I do. 💛

Hamilton: please keep in touch! And let me know if you’re ever looking for new children’s picture book titles, because you know I have opinions! 😉

Saint Paul: I’ll see you in July!

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