Title: Human Town
Author: Alan Durant, illustrated by Anna Doherty
My Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Read-Aloud: Yes (followed by discussion/activities)
Tags: elephants, extinction, Anthropocene
Available in the Lending Library!

This thoughtful tale by Alan Durant flips the discussion of elephant extinction to that of human extinction, exploring reasons the humans are dying out, such as pollution, consumerism, and infighting (and poaching by big cats). Anna Doherty’s beguiling illustrations include many depictions of human and animal diversity. 

“Human Town” would be great for a read-aloud as part of a larger storytime on the theme of conservation, complete with activities. The text is simple to follow and contains multiple voices that would be of interest to both younger and older kids. Also rife with possibilities for one-on-one discussion. 

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