Title: The Coat
Author: Séverine Vidal
Publisher: Flyaway Books

I’m a fan of everything coming out of Flyaway Books lately and “The Coat” is no exception! A story about anticipation, big heartedness, and seeing people differently than others do, Séverine Vidal’s emotional tale leads the reader through growing anticipation of when the protagonist, Elise, will receive a red coat as a hand-me-down from her sister. But what will Elise do with the coat when she finally receives this gift? Charmingly illustrated by Louis Thomas, this heartwarming story and images will leave readers knowing a little more about the true nature of giving when it starts in the heart. A must have picture book for starting conversations about homelessness.

Today is book birthday of “The Coat!” Coming soon to the Lightbulb Heart library!

ARC from NetGalley

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